Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary to Nimmons Bridge


Distance to the Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary is 138kms (1hr 40min drive) via the M1 and C143

Due to the sanctuary’s amenities no longer being available we will now rendezvous in Linton for morning tea before proceeding to the start of the walk. Lunch will be had either on the track or we can return to Linton.

Co-ordinates for the Linton Recreation Reserve:  37°40’59.6″S 143°33’56.5″E

Bring water, morning tea, lunch, sturdy walking shoes, sunscreen and hat or raincoat just in case.

This is a relatively flat well graded walk on a firm earthen surface. Most of the walk is lined with trees but there are sections where it is very open.

Across from the sanctuary which is on Linton-Piggoreet Rd, is Graded Rd – a dirt road  with space to park the cars about 300m in. From there we walk back to a gated entrance to the nature reserve and follow a flat, well signposted trail until we reach the  Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail – about 1 km. At this point there is a 3-4metre embankment we must ascend to access the trail.

Turning east we walk along the rail trail on an even graded surface to Nimmons Bridge. This is our turn around point.

Once we have completed the walk people are free to continue exploring the bird sanctuary or head home.