Domino Rail Trail, Trentham

Distance from Werribee: 83 km,  about a 1 hour 15 minute drive

Co-ordinates: 37°23’14.3″S 144°19’14.4″E

Bring water, raincoat, hat, morning tea, lunch, sturdy walking shoes or boots, first aid kit

The track is fine gravel with a mostly level grade lined on both sides with a canopy of towering trees and should take us about 2.5 hours to complete.

Upon arrival at the Quarry St Recreation Reserve, which has plenty of tables and amenities, we will have morning tea before commencing the walk.

A short cut, via Quarry St, Victoria St then Station St, will bring us onto the rail trail not far from the station.

Along the way a small detour takes us past an old worn out and overgrown bridge. A rope canopy bridge, designed to help native marsupials such as Greater Gliders navigate through the canopy where storms in 2021 left large gaps between the trees, is clearly signposted.

It’s hard not to be tempted to try any of the myriad intersecting tracks off the rail trail but we will stay on the path until we get to another old bridge. A short side track gives us a good view of the bridge and this is our turn around point.

We will have a short rest stop here and then retrace our steps back to the start where we will have lunch.

Anyone interested in checking out the railway station can do so before returning the Quarry St.