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To participate in an event as a visitor, please register your interest via the Contact Us page and send us an email. Your contact details will be forwarded to the walk leader.

Click on the Guest Walker Form at the bottom of the screen on the Join Us page, fill it in and present it to the Leader at the start of the walk.

Members should contact the walk leader direct.

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  Sun 17th Yarrowee Trail & Black Hill lookout (car shuffle)
Grade 3 annotated copy Sun 24th Creswick Township & St Georges Lake
  Leaders: Kevin & David
  Dist / Rating 3: 7.5km Mostly flat with some hilly bits around the lake
  Leaving: 9am from Werribee post office
  Sun 1st FREE
 Grade 3 annotated copy Sun 8th Golden Gullies Walks
  Opt 1 Rating 3: 10.5km (3-4 hrs)
  Opt 2 Rating 3: 17.5km (5-6 hrs)
  Leaders: Alan & Muriel
  Meeting: At 7.45 for an 8am departure from Werribee post office
 Grade 2 annotated copy Sun 15th Pipemakers Park, Maribyrnong
  Leader: Alan
  Rating 2: 9.9kms flat track
  Leaving: 8.30am from Werribee post office
    Travel to Pipemakers Park via Gordon St Footscray. Turn right at the Highpoint entrance roundabout. Ignore the first car park direction sign and continue on to the car park near the Living Museum building.We will start the walk by heading south along the river bank past the large wooden pedestrian bridge to the Burndap Park Circuit. We will pass the old Saltwater Powder Magazine and Jack’s Canal. This canal provided shipping access to the magazine in the early years.

A little further on we arrive at Edgewater Lake which is man-made and provides water access to the many new residential apartments along its shores. Nice work if you can afford it! There should be some activity on the lake as our walk will be on a Sunday. We will then complete the circuit and arrive back at the pedestrian bridge which we will cross to enter Fairbairn Park. We will turn left and follow the river to the Scouts/Canoeing area where there are toilets.

On then to Woods Street and across Raleigh Road to start the second part of the walk, which is the Maribyrnong Park Circuit. This passes “The Boathouse” restaurant on the right. Further on we pass Aberfeldy Park and then Poynton’s Nursery on the other side of the road. Along the river are several memorial trees which recognise various Navy ships which were lost in WW1. Shortly after that is Riverside Park where there are various picnic facilities. Then we come to Afton Street pedestrian bridge which we will cross to reach the other side of the river.

We then turn left and take the path south past the Angler’s Tavern and under the Raleigh Road bridge to arrive back at the start point. We can have lunch at the Scouts/Canoe site, The Boathouse site or at Riverside Park, depending on the time of day.

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