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This page is normally updated towards the end of the month and all events are generally open to the public.

The details of our upcoming events are also contained in our Club Newsletter which you can download using the links at the bottom of the page. The newsletters are published every month except January, and also contain reviews of events from the previous month and general Club news.

Videos taken on our walks

Listed below are videos that have been taken on some of our walks. We hope you enjoy them:

January 31st - K Rd Cache & Werribee Park:

March 14th - The Granites & Falcons Nest:

April 20th - Daylesford:                       

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Register To Attend An Event

red exclamation markPlease note that registration for an event closes at noon of the day before the event (unless otherwise stated).

WBOC Member

If you are a member of the Werribee Bushwalking & Outdoor Club you should register directly with the Leader.

Dependent minors (under 16 years of age) under the supervision of a financial member may participate in any event (subject to the approval of the event leader) at no cost provided a Guest Walker Form is completed for each event.


If you want to participate in an event as a guest you must This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your details will be forwarded to the Leader who will then contact you to assess your level of experience and determine if the event is appropriate for you. If you are approved to participate, download the Guest Walker Form and sign the acknowledgement of risk, then present the completed form plus the $5 participation fee to the Leader at the meeting point.

Please bring correct money (cash only) when attending an event.

You may participate in up to three events as a guest before deciding to join the Werribee Bushwalking & Outdoor Club.

Member of Another BWV Affiliated Club

If you are a member of another Bushwalking Victoria affiliated club you are welcome to participate in our events but you must This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and register as a guest and also advise the name of your regular club. Your details will be forwarded to the Leader who will then contact you and generally approve your participation. In this case the $5 participation fee will be waived.

Things You Need To Know

  1. The majority of our events involve car pooling and it is expected that each passenger will contribute to the cost of fuel by making a small donation to their driver, normally $5 or $10 depending on the distance. Our events often conclude with a visit to a local café for refreshments before returning to Werribee.
  2. The rating of a walk is based on the most challenging aspect of the track as determined by our Walk Rating Scheme. Apart from distance, the rating may be influenced by the conditions in one section and therefore not indicative of the entire walk. The walk preview should provide sufficient details for you to determine if the walk is within your capability.
  3. Typically on an event you will need a backpack, good walking shoes or boots, 2-3 litres of water, lunch, snacks, and your own small first aid kit including any personal medications you may need. Depending on the time of year you might also need sunscreen and a hat or cap. We also recommend a lightweight rain coat or poncho that can be stored in your backpack.

Our Upcoming Events

Sunday 23 October 2022

Grade 3 rating iconWombat Trail, Trentham

Distance: 9 kms circuit.

Meet: 8.15 am for 8.30 am departure from the carpark opposite Hungry Jacks Werribee.

Leader(s): Elise.

The drive to the Quarry St recreation Reserve in Trentham should take about 75 minutes, traveling via Greendale. The walk starts and ends from the reserve which has toilets and picnic facilities. This is an easy 2.5 hour walk with a few shallow undulations. You will need to carry water and snacks for morning tea along the way and dress appropriately for the weather. The track may be muddy in spots if rain leading up to the walk persists. Upon our return to the reserve we will have lunch.

From the reserve we cross High street and turn right then left into the Stoney Creek Reserve. This well sign posted track is mostly flat and includes a boardwalk, gravel and compacted earth sections.

After following the meandering trail through the forest we encounter a fence-lined track running alongside the Trentham Cemetery which dates back to 1870.

A little further along we pass a lonely chimney standing in the corner of a paddock before crossing the Trentham Blackwood Rd where we re-enter the forest. Mobs of kangaroos are often seen grazing here.

The path now leads to a loop of the 110 year old abandoned Trentham racecourse. Along the way signs point to the remains of a grandstand and we will find a spot to have morning tea before returning to the outskirts of the township and back to the reserve.

Stoney Creek Reserve
Stoney Creek Reserve, credit: Elise 2019.

Sunday 30 October 2022

Grade 3 rating iconYou Yangs Training Walk for proposed overnight back pack walk

Distance: 8 kms circuit.

Meet: 8.45 am for 9.00 am departure from the carpark opposite Hungry Jacks Werribee.

Leader(s): David Rawolle.

This walk is open to all members. The main aim is a training walk for anyone interested in doing the Sealers Cove overnight backpack scheduled for March 2023. After a short 30 min drive we will gather at the You Yangs visitor centre (if space allows).

There is an option to leave some cars at the Turntable carpark for those wanting to do a shorter walk. Prepare for any weather so raincoat, sun hat, good hike boots, lunch, snacks, 1.5 – 2 litres of water (or at least 4 litres if simulating an overnight backpacking hike). Also, bring a snake bite kit just in case.

For those intending to do the training walk bring a large backpack filled with your overnight gear (ie. tent, sleeping bag, mat, extra clothes, extra food, above mentioned water, personal care items and maybe a stove and fuel). If you don't have all of that as yet, then try to comfortably carry about 15 kgs in your pack. The You Yangs offers a range of tracks to simulate the 10 km (each way) walk at Sealers Cove. This is the first of a few practice walks I propose to run (weather permitting).

The walk starts from the visitor's centre (toilets available) with some flat then gentle inclines to Big Rock to take in the views. From here, up the Contour Track to join the gravel Rockwell Rd turning left to follow it northwards. This joins the Saddleback Track, a gravel road which has several steeper sections before our lunch stop at the saddle.

After lunch a steep sweeping downhill, still on the Saddleback Track, (so no running!) meets up with the Branding Yard Trail (BYT). After another rest, we make our way back along the BYT with some steeper uphills just before reaching the Turntable carpark (toilets available).

The option here is for some to return via cars (if pre-arranged) whilst the eager ones follow Rockwell Rd back to the junction with the Contour Rd, back to Big Rock and then finally back to the visitor centre.

Training walk
Training walk, credit: Anna 2013.

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