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Shutterbug Club

2013 saw the beginning of a new section of our Bushwalking club

catering to members with an interest in taking fotos of the world around us.

Lakes Etnrance shutterbug photos - Full moon rising by John B

Head in the clouds by Elise Morning glory by John B Moon cave by Elise
Purple moonrise by Nigel Before breaky by Elise The bridge by Michael Sunset by John B
Sunset by Elise Lookout over The Entrance by Elise Evening photoshoot at Mt Macedon & Lake Sanatorium Fallen giant by Elise
Lake reflections by Jacqui New growth by Elise Tall trees by Nigel Lounging around by Jacqui
Late colour by Nigel

Dusk on Wests Rd by Elise

Light streamers by Anna

Photographers on West Rd by Nigel

Flock of ibis by Kevin

Going... by Nigel Anna

Gone... by Elise

Last light by Kevin

Tesselaars Tulip Farm by Elise

Group in a sculpture by Jacqui

First blooms by Nigel

City from Mt Dandenong by Jacqui

Secret Garden Arch by Elise

Forest Walk by Nigel

Brimbank Park  - Gorgeous gum tree by Jill

Duck trails by Elise

Mirror by Anna

Grazing galah by Nigel

Wood ducks by Teresa

Spillway by Kevin

Fallen tree by Jacqui

Malmsbury Shutterbug group photo

Train on the viaduct by Elise

Viaduct by Nigel

Framed lake by Jacqui

Reflections by Damien

Lunch by Christa

Gargling geese by Anna

Pademelon by Anna

Stone curlew aka bush thick knee by Lidia

Magpie goose by Anna

03/07/16 Serendip bird sanctuary Brolga by Elise

black footed wallabies having a snack by Nigel

Tiger quoll by Elise

Yawn by Jacqui

Buff banded rail by Elise

Jubilee Lake, Daylesford, 22/5/16. Leader Nigel. Short walk around the lake taking photos.

Waiting boats by Elise

Where's the water by Nigel

Surprise visitor by Muriel

On the bridge by Christa

Ducks in a row by Anna

Under the time beacon at the 100 Steps of Federation, Truganina coastal park, Altona.

Swans in flight by Elise

New Holland Honeyeater by Nigel

Egret taking off by Elise

Singing honeyeater by Anna

Dancing Stilts by Nigel

More stilts a dancing by Anna

Down in the woods by Robbie

Daylesford Lake Boathouse by Nigel

Autumn getaway by Elise

Undercover duck by Anna