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33 members and 4 guests attended the end of year breakup breakfast at Werribee Park

Cooks on the job

Who are we?

First hamper draw

Generous hamper donations resulted in 9 hampers being won

Digging deep for charity

Mystery auction winner

Going, going, gone!

Laughter is the best medicine

MC Nigel kicks up an auctioning storm

Anna - most prolific walk for the year

Runner up - Nigel

Nov 27th Last Tango in the Brisbane Ranges - 10 km circuit led by Rob & Alan

Waiting for the other group by Elise

Downhill by Queenie

View by Muriel

Grassy twins by Jacqui

Nov 20th lead by Cliff, Muriel & Robbie. 17.8km walk though city streets, parks & gardens

Fitzroy Gardens waterfall by Muriel

Parliament Gardens water feature by Gina

City scape by Muriel

Burke & Wills cairn by Gina

Grattan St underground car park by Muriel

Morell Bridge by Gina

Nov 6th. Led by Lidia 12.4km walk from Bells Beach return via Ironbark Basin

Bush section by Queenie

Cliffs by Nigel

View from the stairs by Muriel

Shelter by Graeme

Rock pools by Anna

30/10/16 Werribee Gorge Led by Nigel

Pathfinders by Queenie

Koala by Nigel

Pleasant pool by Queenie

The Island by nigel

R & R by Nigel

23/10/16 - Point Cooke to the Tower of Migration & Inspiration  - 8.8km walk led by Elise.

On the boardwalk by Queenie

The Tower by Nigel

Bird's eye view by Queenie

Sunny homestead room by Nigel

Birds of a feather by Elise

St George's Lake & Slately Creek 11 km walk led by Alan on 16/10/16

High road by Queenie

Creek crossing by John

Racing water by Christa

Tangled limbs by Queenie

Upstairs by Christa

Federation Walks 8/10/2016, hosted by Wimmera Bushwalkers, took place at the Grampians. Seven members took part.

Taking the high road by Nigel

McKenzie Falls by Anna

Veiw from the roof by Nigel

Fish Falls by Anna

Coral lichen by Nigel

Burrong Falls by Anna

Clematis Falls by Nigel

Broken Falls by Anna

Brisbane Ranges Wildflower walk led by Rob & John 9/10/16 with 10 in tow.

Hill climb by Elise

waxed lily by Elise

Mantis orchid by Elise

Blue Squill by Muriel

Grevillea by Michael

Grass tree in bloom by Michael

Beechwirth Weekend on Sept 30 - Oct 2nd led by Nigel and attended by 13 (2 not pictured)

On stage in chambers

Asylum accommodation by Anna

Members of council by Nigel

Asylum lake & gardens by Anna

Standing in the rain by Elise

Woolshed Falls by Nigel

Spring Falls by Muriel

400 year old apple box tree by Elise

Main st recreated in museum by Elise

Courthouse by Elise

Walk on the spooky side by Muriel

Burning towers, Chinese section of the cemetery

Ingrams Rock by Elise

Valley view by Nigel

Fiddes Quarry by Nigel

Boughs over the water by Michael

A few of the 12 who went on the Angair social event organised by Rob on Sept 18th

Orchids by Nigel

Having a break by Muriel

Shark ahoy by Kevin

Fluffy wild flower by Christa

Nodding green hood by Anna

Cape Schanck to Gunnamatta. September 11th. Led by Lidia & Nigel

Ring of rocks by Peta

Lunch spot by Nigel

Rock pools by Muriel

Cormorants on the rocks by Michael

Rugged rocks by Kevin

Arches by Jacqui

Mossy rocks by Christa

Walking on the wild side by Anna

Castlemaine Heritage Walk, Sept 8th led by Derek

Chimney by Jim

Erosion by Anna

Garfield Water wheel by Anna

Aug 28th - 9.5 km challenging Pyretes Range walk led by Alan & Jim

Lunch stop by Nigel

Jumping puddles by Jill

Walk in the park by Jacqui

Forest path by Graeme

Three wise monkeys resting up by Anna

Aug 21st - 12 km Emerald Lake to Cockatoo return. Led by Anna, Lidia & Elise.

Orange fungi by Elise

Loco by Nigel

Wattle Creek gully by Jill

Strolling along by Jill

Little bridge by Jacqui

11.5 km Hepburn walk, revisited,led by Anna on Aug 14th

Man on a mission by Nigel

Erosion by Michael

Broken tree by Christa

Obstacle course by Anna

11 km Urquharts Beach to Aireys Inlet led by Derek on Thu Aug 11th

The weather got a bit brighter

Rock shelf by Anna

Sandstone dunes by Anna

Split Point lighthouse by Anna

A challenging 10 km Pyrites Creek walk led by Jim & Alan on Aug 7th.

One of the many obstacles by Nigel

Brief respite by Jill

Ruins by Nigel

Splish splash by Anna

The "Bridge" by Jacqui

Pyrite Creek? by Anna

July 24th Werribee Gorge. Attended by 9 members the 11 km walk was led by Nigel

Water race by Nigel

Cable challenge by Jill

Bird's eye of the river by Jacqui

Blackwood pool by Anna

July 14th 11.5 km Thursday walk in the Hepburn Regional Park led by Derek

Hepburn Spring Park by Anna

Erosion by Anna

Left overs from the diggings by Anna

June 10th start of the 11 km Mt Macedon Memorial Cross to Camels Hump lookout walk. 16 members attended led by Nigel

Burnt out tree by Jacqui

Cross in the fog by Christa

Damp lunch spot by Elise

Mossy rocks at Camels Hump by Jill

Pearls in the web by Anna

26th June - Link Tracks, Lerderderg - a challenging 8.5 km walk led by Jim & Alan

Graham's Dam by Nigel

One of the hard bits by Nigel

River view by Jacqui

Temporary respite by Anna

Led by Muriel & Michael the Domino rail trail started from Trenham station

Snap happy walkers by Muriel

Gum boot weather by Anna

Tunnel by Nigel

Crumbling bridge by Jill

Celebration by Jacqui

Sunday 19th June, 5.2 km circuit of Albert Park lake followed by lunch at Sth Meblourne market where we were joined by 2 more people.

Moreton Bay fig by Elise

Still autumn? by Nigel

Market colour by Muriel

Palm tree by Christa

Jun 11th 12 members did the 10.7 km Breakneck Hill led by Jim.

Ruins by Nigel

Breakneck track by Muriel

Tree in autumn attire by Lidia

Kangaroos abounded by Anna

June 9th, 6 members ventured on the 13 km Iron Basin walk led by Derek. photo by Anna

Beach section by Anna

Decorated dunny by Anna

Last minute walk on May 29th put forward by Jim. Six members ventured on the Lerderderg Tunnel walk under good walk conditions that totalled 13.5km.

Water! by Christa

Steep ascent by Christa

Anna at the tunnel by Jacqui

Mt Eccles Weekend. Leader Nigel. Distance covered + 10 kms

Lake Surprise walk by Elise

Cave on the rim walk by Anna

Lake Surprise from the rim by Elise

Relaxing on the rim by Nigel

Wannon Falls by Muriel

Nigretta Falls by Nigel

Inside the Byaduk lava cave by Muriel

Thursday 12th an another walk led by Derek saw 6 members journey to Creswick for an 11.5 km walk.

The mystery blue lake was more green than blue by Anna

Eureka Reef Heritage walk. Leader Rob, distance 14 km, May 7th.

Cornish engine house

Remains of the Mine manager's cottage

Cornish boiler

Erosion caused by mining

Jim at the boiler site

The Monk group by Nigel

April 24th: another perfect autumn day. 21 walkers, led by Rob, did a challenging, 9 km walk to The Granites, Falcons Nest & the Western bluff lookout in the Werribee Gorge state park.

Rock hopping to the top by Nigel

Approaching the gorge by Christa

In the shadow of The Island by Elise

Gorge panorama by Robbie

River valley by Graeme

Falcons Nest lookout by Muriel

View over the gorge by Michael

Western Bluff by Jill

21/4/16 First Thursday walk by new member Derek who lead 5 members on a walk in the Lal Lal State Forest.

On a beautiful autumn day 19 members and one guest explored Lake Emerald including a bonus look at the trains that run through park.

Autumn colour by Elise

The little train that could by Elise

Reflections by Nigel

Artwork by Anna

Nigel and 5 members had a perfect day for their 40 km bike ride from Newport to the Fairfield boat shed.

Lazy day by the river by Nigel

Led, unofficially, by Elise, the group did the 6 km circuit of Lake Wendouree and after lunch strolled around the botanical gardens.

Lazy lake by Nigel

Stately egret by Anna

Flight of the egret by Elise

Musk duck by Anna

March 20th and 10 members embarked on a strenuous 7 km trek to the top of Cathedral peak, led by Nigel.

Cathedral Ranges by Robbie

Steep descent by Nigel

A bit of bush bashing by Muriel

On the rocks by Jill

View from the top by Nigel

Angling for the top by Michael

Outcrop by Graeme

26 members stayed 3 nights in Jindabyne for the 18 km Mt Kosciuszko trek with side trips done by various members on day 3. Lake Jindabyne by Nigel


Snowy River by Nigel

Mountain panorama by Anna

Snow gums by Elise

Seaman's Hut by Graeme

Mountain valley  by Nigel

Relaxing at the top by Nigel

Cairn by Graeme

Tom Groggin Station group

Suspension by Claire

Mountain view by Claire

Swing bridge by Anna

Sawpit Creek group photo

Sawpit waterfall by Damien

Hollow log by Gina

South Glory cave by Elise

Jillabenan Cave by Anna

Last group photo before going home

March 6th 11 members & I guest walked a 7.8 km part of the Bellarine rail trail from Leopold to Drysdale in around two hours. After lunch we circumnavigated Lake Lorne - an easy 1.5 km stroll

Steppping out by Nigel

Waiting for the train by Nigel

Making tracks by Nigel

Leaving the station by Elise

Wombat Station: 13 km Whitepoint Diggings circuit walk, was led by Alan, Jim & Cliff. It was attended by 18 members and rated easy/medium with a few minor hills and poor signposting.

Waiting for directions by Nigel

Remains of a railway bridge by Jill

A splash of green by Elise

Brown falcon(?) by Jacqui

Rail cutting by Graeme

Led by Graeme, Sunday the 14th's group of 18 embarked on the 9 km Lerderderg Heritage walk. There was some stretches of rough, narrow terrain with a number of obstacles earning it a rating of easy/medium.

Taking the high road by Anna

After the fires by Graeme

Single file by Elise

Werribee to the Mansion walk - Feb 7th. Attended by 26 people including guests on a very warm day. Distance 13.2 kms + various wanderings throughout the Mansion grounds. Picture frame overlooks the Werribee open range zoo.

Mansion by Elise

One of the many strange sculptures by Graeme

Landscaped gardens by Muriel

Twisted sister by Graeme

Gnarly old river gum by Anna